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Residential Moving Services, Get free estimate to move all your belongings from one location to the other

Moving estimates can be a tricky concept to understand, particularly if you are not in the real estate or transportation industry. That’s why at URelax Mover’s, we want to explain the concepts behind a moving estimate so that you know the different parts for your next quote. You’ll need a moving estimate when you choose to move if you choose a full-service moving company. Once you’ve got that quote, you can budget correctly. This blog will explain all about the different parts of your moving estimate, so read ahead if you want to find out more!

Why Do You Need a Moving Estimate?

A moving estimate is needed for companies to determine how much equipment and workers they’ll need to help you with your move. They’ll use this cost to ensure enough material and people to assist. This will make the whole process run smoothly and work out any logistics needed to make your move a success. Residential Moving Services, professional packing with moving truck availability.

What Types of Estimates Are There?

There are three types of moving estimates: virtual estimates, in-house estimates, and over-the-phone estimates.

  • Over-the-phone estimates are much easier to do but usually are not as accurate. This is because the company relies on you to give any measurements and dimensions and all inventory accurately.
  • In-house estimates involve a moving agent coming to your home and working it out while surveying the items there. It’s the most accurate way to assess how much the estimate will be and gives a more precise quote.
  • Finally, virtual estimates are becoming more popular in today’s climate. With staying at home being the new normal, you can give your estimator a virtual tour of your items via a Zoom call.

Are There Any Factors That Affect a Moving Quote?

Yes, some factors affect a moving quote! These can include:

  • How much furniture you have
  • The amount of space the furniture takes up in the moving truck
  • How well your furniture fits in the moving truck
  • The weight of your furniture
  • How many movers you’ll need to move your belongings successfully
  • How easy it is to transport your furniture
  • The distance you’re moving
  • The region you’re moving in, or any particular routes you’d have to take
  • The number of stairs required
  • Time of year of your move
  • And any additional moving services you might require.

There is no set guideline price for a moving estimate because each move is unique. 

Moving can be a stressful process, particularly if you’ve never had to go through it all before! Whether it’s your first move as an adult or your seventh, the process can be long, daunting, and draining. But, when you hire professional movers, they can take a lot of the stress and strain off your hands! Moving estimates are a necessary part of working with professionals – but if you budget right, this will be an expense that’s more than worth it!