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When people ask Ronald Valle about his moving company, he can tell them that it’s all in the name… We want you to relax while we take care of all the details of moving you!


With over eleven years of experience in the Relocation Industry. U Relax knows the ins and outs of providing top-notch moving service while offering the best price for their customers.

Ronald started out working as a helper for other moving companies.  It was a valuable part of his training, as he learned the nuts and bolts of moving and saw the commonly made mistakes. He learned how to wrap and pack valuables so that they could survive the move.  He learned about loading and unloading with care and efficiency.

After working as a helper for several years, Ronald became a contractor and worked for several major moving companies.  Gaining a good reputation, and the companies that contracted Ronald appreciated his work ethic and his ability to serve customers with pride.  When Ronald started his own moving company, his previous contract clients offered encouragement and letters of recommendation.


As soon as Ronald gained my LLC status, he was eager to start.  He thought a lot about his prospective customers and what they wanted and needed in a moving company.  It occurred to Ronald that although every customer is planning to move, their needs are all different. Why have a cookie-cutter approach when each customer is unique and focuses on different priorities? Realizing that reputation was on the line, he was determined to build his company to provide best-in-class service. And, to meet the needs of everyone that wanted to include us in their moving plans.


Today, U Relax Moving Services is a thriving moving company with an excellent reputation for taking great care of our customers. We focus on delivering stellar service, whether you are moving around the corner or long-distance!  We’re big enough to offer full service, long-distance moving. Yet we’re still small enough to appreciate every opportunity and deliver a personalized experience for everyone we serve.

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